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Acer for Education
is the investment in tomorrow!

Acer’s mission of breaking down barriers between people and technology makes it the appropriate partner for education institutions. Acer believes the world is a better place when more people have better access to technology, and that the most valuable part of computing is its power to spread knowledge.

Acer sees as its responsibility to equip today’s generation with the knowledge they need for tomorrow. Creating innovative technology for the classroom, Acer helps students explore beyond limits with new avenues of communication and interaction. Empowering educators to keep pace with today’s high-tech world, Acer’s trusted solutions are easy to use for teachers and students alike.

Why Acer

With over 30 years of experience, Acer is dedicated to serving the needs of the education market and empowering knowledge through technology.

Acer exists to break down the barriers between people and technology. We were founded on this belief and we remain focused on making technology accessible to everyone.

Acer’s full line of complementary education products supports the 1-to-1 learning approach in all subjects, enabling pedagogy process in an easy and efficient way.

Education products are engineered specifically for students’ exploration beyond the classroom boundaries. They are built to hold up to daily use in many environments.

Acer believes that exploration through technology is a right, not a privilege. This is why our products are affordable, reliable and robust, in order to lead to a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Acer’s partnership with European Schoolnet means that we have an investment in the future of education. By pushing the boundaries of innovation we can provide a better future for the next generation.

Acer develops partnerships with third parties to build an Education Ecosystem aimed to provide best-in-class solutions.

The digital
classroom framework

Acer’s goal is to provide the education community with a framework that allows a new way of exploring and interacting.

Digital learning refers to creating new learning environments that break through conventional barriers – an approach that combines traditional classroom teaching with new digital methods and tools. This makes learning more fun and leads to better academic results.

To create a digital classroom framework to serve the education community, Acer provides a host of different products and services. These range from portable devices (tablets, notebooks and netbooks) for intelligent classrooms and mobile learning, to fixed solutions (desktops, monitors, projectors) for reliable classroom solutions.

Service and warranty

Acer’s customer service and support works to the very highest standard. Acer Service is well equipped to complete repairs quickly and efficiently. The Acer call centers are able to give all the information needed. Each Acer Repair Centre has a quality control team that makes sure all products and replaced parts are up to standard and working correctly.

All Acer products come with a standard Warranty*. On top of the standard warranty, Acer offers Acer Advantage, an additional warranty program that grants a priority repair service for the whole product range. It offers warranty extensions with various implementation modes, depending on the product and extension selected. For notebooks there is also the Accidental Damage Insurance in case of any accidental and unforeseen damage to the product.

Acer Classroom Manager

Combining multimedia teaching and learning with classroom PC management and monitoring, the Acer Classroom Manager comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface that allows to focus on teaching rather than on managing the various technological devices. Rich in features, this software takes into account the individual needs of teachers, students and technical staff.

Teachers can easily control and interact with their students individually, in groups, or with the entire class: switch on and log all of the computers in the classroom, keep a record of attendance and a history of student activities, see what students are doing and check their progress, test students comprehension and understanding.

What’s more, Acer Classroom Manager includes multimedia tools for teaching languages without any need for specialized equipment.

Intel Educational Framework

An effective education transformation can help countries to increase student competitiveness, build job skills and competencies, support economic development and provide social cohesion. Through research and work with local governments, vendors, and communities, Intel supports countries to drive a systemic education transformation. Intel has made consistent investments to improve teaching and learning environments in 70+ countries over the last decade, also with 3 million employee volunteer hours.